Bunn LCA-2-LP-0001 LCA-2 LP Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser

Tamark_Bunn_Coffe Dispensers

Add a zing of Post-Modernism with this ambient style liquid coffee dispenser. This coffee dispenser has an attractive appearance and a new shorter profile. Able to dispense over 120 (5 oz.) cups per hour, this high volume coffee system will keep your business flowing. The hot coffee dispenser is set-up to accommodate two 1/2 gallon bag-in-box concentrate containers and refill LED lights alert you when more product needs to be added. Additionally, a rinse LED light will inform the clerk when the machine needs to be clean. Equipped to serve two separate coffee products and hot water, this decorative coffee dispenser offers many serving options. Safe, sanitary, and easy to use, this ambient style liquid coffee dispenser is beyond modernization in its functionality.



  • Attractive appearance with shorter profile.
  • Dispense over 120 (5 oz.) cups per hour.
  • Accommodates two .5 gallon bag-in-box (BIB).
  • Serves two coffee products and hot water.
  • Refill LED lights alert the operator when more concentrate is needed.
  • Rinse LED lights alert the operator cleaning is needed.
  • Set up for continuous dispense (by the cup) for self-serve applications or portion control to fill cups or carafes.
  • 120V 12Amps

Additional information

Weight 29.48 kg
Dimensions 53.86 × 40.08 × 58.92 cm