Crathco G-Cool Mini Quattro C-4D-16 Quadruple 2.4 Gallon Bowl Premix Cold Beverage Dispenser

This Crathco G-Cool Mini Quattro C-4D-16 quadruple 2.4 gallon bowl premix cold beverage dispenser combines functionality and style so that your customers will quickly be thirsting for a refill of your delicious fruit juice, iced tea, or iced coffee!

This four bowl premix cold beverage dispenser is made of black plastic and accommodates alluring graphics (sold separately) on each side so that your beverage will draw interest from every angle! It features a patented Tri-Cool evaporator with a large 3 sided cooling surface that will refrigerate the 2.4 gallon bowls to keep drinks crisp and delicious at your snack bar, buffet, convenience store, or fast food restaurant.

The Crathco G-Cool Mini Quattro C-4D-16 beverage dispenser’s 1/3 hp compressor uses R-134a refrigerant that will keep your beverages chilled and ready for consumption for hours at a time. It requires a 120V electrical connection.



  • Cleans up 50% as fast as traditional dispensers
  • Innovative evaporator features 3-sided cooling surface to promote energy efficiency.
  • Maintains temperatures between 35 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Certified NSF / ANSI 20 – safe for milk
  • 115V 9 Amps

Additional information

Weight 29.00 kg
Dimensions 49 × 56 × 68 cm