Cornelius Quest Elite 4000 4 Flavor Single Panel Push or Portion Control Cold Beverage Dispenser

Wide product/ratio capability – Handles a wide range of post-mix products including juices with pulp,teas and cold coffees. Frost-free refrigeration compartment – Safely accommodates frozen, ambient or aseptic concentrate containers or BIB’s. Large 14-16lb ice bank – Provides cold drinks during peak demand. Patented mixing system – Delivers consistent quality drinks with no stratification, slugging or dripping



LED illuminated graphics – Eliminates lost sales due to ‘lights out’ and reduces life costs
Narrow footprint – Conserves counter space
Easy to service – Modular component design and ease of access speeds service
‘Sold out’ indication – Alerts operator to product out condition and maximizes sales
Flexible Merchandiser – Option of single-panel or multi-panel merchandiser